Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby love *edited

My pratical was Oh- kay
one down one more to go which is on thursday ;)

last night was spent at barclub with Cheryl and the others

and im off for GYM
will blog once i get back ;)


actually ive decided to blog yesterday,
but guess what, ME at the gym for more than three hours
firstly i go for my very own basic workout (cardio and abs) then go for RPM class then i saw the dancing class was dang interesting, playing my fav songs summore.
so i decided to just try it out. but i prefer RPM classes loh.

you'll feel that you've burned hell loads of calories, and the feeling was So good!

oh yeah,this is really a good time to pampered myself,
shopping, gym, catching up with the movies and do whatever things that i want.
oh ya bought alot of DVDs yesterday and the O.C season 4

well i know thats kinda outdated, but i really got no time for movies during my hectic and exhausting college days .
anyway now i have one freaking whole month for me!
im gonna use my time to the fullest ey.

just finish watching the first 4 episodes.

and im sleepy
by the way, im worried about my trip now.
Being a tour leader is not easy; organizing a trip is not easy either
is not just 10 of us wey, is 43 of us. dang.
I am worried that the customers did not satisfy themselves, and you know due to some unforeseen circumstances. You won’t know what will happen next.

OMG, i really need to sleep and wake up early tmr.

YOU, sleep tight! (:

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