Thursday, October 7, 2010

The month of June this year

Hello ya'll, I am currently now at Vincent's. His apartment is just right at the city, literally is just on top of the mall @ BullRing, and yeap that's why I am able to blog noww!!
I am so pisssssssssssed la, I don't quite understand why the Uni's LAN line have to block image hosting websites srsly, DISLIKE *big sigh*

blaah. I am in the good mood today, don't want to ruin it. So there you go the super outdated post. Also the continuous happeningsss start from the month of June.

Month of JUNE @ long waited month to see my baby after 5 months being apart, also everything just use debit card wtf haha. Thank god, baby covered almost all of my expenses.

DUBLIN DUBLIN DUBLIN is all about Baby Dillon, baby's sister Yvonne, new born baby :)

# 1

#2 OMG *melts*

I couldn't really recall how the exact trip goes, so lets just go with the flow based on what I have in my mind now :)

We stayed at Dublin for 7 days before flying off to Amsterdam.

#3 awwwwwwwww kisses

#4 pichas before Heading off to Dundrum Shopping Centre

#5 the super cozy TV room @ Grace's crib

#6 The accesories for Sensation White, but fyi we forgot to bring to the event. FOL


#8 Just cant stop staring and looking at him *melts x2*

#9 Dinner at this living room is ze bomb, with the combination of Nandos for dinner.

Fingers licking, noming the corn , drinking wine + vodka, watching football at the same time, is just..... DAMN THAT'S THE LIFE I WANT EVERYDAY. :D

*memory lost*

The third night if im not mistaken, we went for dinner and I forgot the name of this Brasserie but the food was damn awesomee *double like*



After the dinner we went and meet Jois's old friend at some pub far far away from the hotel.

#13 Fully equipped toilet, fyi some clubs in Birmingham provide straightener too but is public if you don't mind to get your hair fix :)

# 14 Collette, Jois, ME, Baby

#15 Town

IM AM NOT A BIG FAN OF GUINNESS, but is a must drink GUINNESS in Dublin, and I fallen for Guinness, especially the blackcurrant Guinness babeh, go and try it out at home, buy a can of Guinness and add some Ribena into it.

#16 Guinness Factory



#19 The view in the Guinness Lounge @ you can see the whole Dublin

#20 As always






We took a free cab, yes they cycle.. from Grafton street to Henry street, sponsored by pepsi. Its kinda weird and slow to be on the street w full of cars. haha

#26 The best place for oystersss /seafood babehs






#32 Once you have your precious you just gotto spare 24/7 for him



#35 USSS, on timer mode :D

#36 camwhore bitches


#38 Missing you

#39 Jois and I

#40 Forever gotto make him happpy, look at himmmmmmmm.

Last day- Lunch at Quay 16


#42 Yeap Lunch on the boat, how awesomee.

#43 US :D


#45 Lunch , yes LUNCH! and we are sipping Guinness and Heineken

#46 Pretty View

#47 Yvonne How & Jois

#48 AHH, you gotto try the Hot Chocolate with Marshmwallow here at Butlers, Baby's favourite

#49 Gifts for mua girls from Cath :)

#50 Yes we're all dressed up with I LOVE Dublin T-shirts and headed off to Amsterdam

Till then, Will try to keep on track babehs. x

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