Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hong Kong

* 1st - went Disneyland today and lantau island too!! Exclude the fcuked up weather that rains throughout the day *sighs* BUT I'm totally lovin the head band and also the minnie hair band I bought!* :D

*2nd- my all time favourite Jaeger bomb, I can take up to 20 shots in an hour, IF.... IFFFF I'm in the drinking mode LOR*

Anyway, This is so scary when my trip in Macau/ Hong Kong is about to end, flying back to Kayelle tmr evening!! Omfg, its like just yesterday that im excited and talking about my long vacation from langkawi then hk :S and now ending tmr *rolleyes*

Anywayyy, been eating, drinking! And yes I've gained at least... AT LEAST 5KGS, and still counting when I'm back to kl for my last three weeks before heading backkkk for my final yearrrr to BIRM!!!! *sighs*

I'm living life to the fullest, been traveeling eating enjoying spending!!!!! But prease do not judge,and oh I will definitely work something out when I'm bck the next time! Perhaps cutting down the 5 kgs that I've gained!! Ha ha ha

Sleepy already! Nighttt folks *kisses from natsaw*
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LK said...

20 shots o.O .. cant challenge u d...