Monday, August 2, 2010


The fishy plan that I was talking about on the previous post is exactly like this....

The initial plan was me flying back on the 3rd of Aug instead of 30th of July cause I requested for an earlier flight home since Ive got nothing much to do in Birm, also Ive got no proper place to stay, was lodging at Ben's house which I don't feel so good doing it.

THEN my flight on the 30th will reach Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA on the 31st of July which is on Saturday at 830pm! So I calculated by the time I got home and etc, it should be around 1030 or 11pm max. and besides me and Edmund planned like in advance like reallly made plans to go to Barsonic/ his last weekend here before leaving to Melbourne again in order to surprise everyone on the sudden returnnnn!!!

AND FUCKIN GUESS WHAT? MY FLIGHT GOT DELAYED, NOT ONE HOUR NOT TWO BUT FUCKING EIGHT HOURS! Oh FYI, you can't do anything if your flight got delay or whatnot, besides shopping and (IS SO EXPENSIVE TO SHOP IN DUBAI OK), plus I met this girl on the plane she told me she got stuck in Dubai for more than 18 hours, how insane is that?!?! :O So my advice, DIRECT FLIGHT is the best to minimize all the unforeseen circumstances but too bad that's no direct flight to Birmingham from KLIA. I might consider on my next return is depart from Singapore so I could have the direct flight to BRIM!

Alone in Dubai is the saddest case ever and I cant talk to anyone too, like my boyfie to keep me accompany, cause apparently is a Surprise return you know, (yeah so called surprise). :S

Ended up I was cursing like Mad in Dubai, all my effort, excitement to be home, to see everyone!! Everything went like *KABOOM* down the drain, and I touched down MALAYSIA at 3 ish AM - 1st of AUGUST! *fcuking pissed off* :( :(

*Above post is in my draft for a week already*

Till then

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