Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Too sudden

Hi Folks, if you do follow me on Twitter or Facebook you should know I am now currently back in Malaysia. I know most of you guys are pretty surprised on the sudden return back home on last Sunday. Someone even thought that I am kidding. Yes I am shocked too, on the sudden phone call from my sister telling me that Granny is in a very critical stage, please come back asap. So on a very panic mode
  1. I really want to go back to see granny
  2. Is only my second day in Amsterdam/ Return ticket is all settled
  3. My boyfie will be alone and the whole purpose of him coming over is to spend some time with me and of cause traveling around
  4. Im not in Birmingham, all my stuffs is in Birm. Accommodation contract ending on the first week of July, also have to move out to prepare for my summer break back to Msia on August for two months.
  5. Result coming out end of the month (June)
All above and also I gotto go back as soon as possible like the very next flight available which (me and my mom) finally decided to buy one way ticket back home first. Hence, here I am in Malaysia, where boyfie is in another part of the world alone with his cousins. Thank god we had a place to stay at Jois's crib if not I really don't know what to do! -__- but still honestly speaking I felt damn guilty to ditched you but srsly I have no choice at all, plus I never see it coming from the first place. :(

Btw, granny will leave us anytime from now onwards, yes anytime :'( and yeap we are all ready to accept the truth. *arggh, not going to talk about this, it makes wanna crrry*

I just bought my return ticket which is on the 1st of July, next Thursday! This trip back home really cost me a Bomb due to the sudden incident and its only for 11days. hmph but its worth it. Baby I am coming back for you, waiiiittt forrr meeeee!!!

Also, would love to catch up with everyone but I couldn't make any plans cause with one phone call, I gotto rush back to my Hometown for granny. Hence, going with the flow now.

Hopefully, I manage to have some gossip updates and party with mua girls :) Haiyah, if can't Nvm, Ill be back home on August as well for two monthssss. woooo :D :D :D

More updates soon, till then xoxo

P.S//: The journey back home is Hell 13 hours for direct flight/ 16 hours ish plus transits for non direct flight. NOW (x4) blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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