Monday, May 3, 2010


Today, I am going to add some extra knowledge for you fellow readers.

Anyway, Live Events Project is one of the modules where we have to draw one client out of a list given by the lecturer then conduct a live event and raise funds for em. It sounds easy but is never easy to plan an event. Interesting and yet challenging for me where I am so not familiar with the places here. So gotta run extra miles to understand and work well with the rest of em. (Six in a team!!) but everything was fine so far

And we went street collection on Thursday! No doubt people here are way generous compare to Msia. Haha I have raise £66 pounds myself by standing on the street for more than 4 hours. But it’s all worth it, priceless woi!! but the weather was bad, it rains throughout the day and is so damn cold!! but nah at least all of us managed to raise £238 pounds on that day itself!! WORTH IT!

Emily, Justine, Laura, Louise, Leanne and Me

and we're on tee vee too, haha SO random, got stopped and asked us about how often do you cry and what makes you cry the most. We were laughing and answered is relationship, if im not mistaken LOL!!!

So today I would like to talk a bit about our client- NSPCC.

NSPCC: - The London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was founded in 1884.

Its aim then was to protect children from cruelty, support vulnerable families, campaign for changes to the law and raise awareness about abuse.

more information here *clicky click*

and we decided to focused on Child's Voice Appeal

and can you actually believe..

An 11-year-old girl said: “Last night my mum came in from the pub drunk. She asked me to take my clothes off and tried to put a rubber thing inside me. My mum is drinking a lot since she broke up with dad. She’s in the pub now.”

Another girl, aged ten, said: “My dad has been raping me and my sister. My mum died when I was four. I feel bad when he is abusing me."

This is so damn fcuking wrong! sighhh :(

SO help us out to raise more funds for NSPCC or come to our event on the 19th of May *click here* :)

ohhh ive uploaded a video on Michael Sheen supports the Appeal too, till then. x

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