Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy moments during the month of November

Hi all, time flies and its the month of December now.
if im not mistaken, exactly two months more to be in Malaysia and will be back after a year and half. hmphhhh!

Soooooo my happening life/ working life in Sfactory.

IA Mascot Party @ Genting, the biggest Mascot Party in Malaysia
Nope, i am no longer a freelancer but the head of the team, responsible to take care of my girls and the mascot man. and haha i adore choosing my friends to work with me! good money of cause give to my beloved friends lah, riiiiiiiighhht!! (:

HAHA wannabe sial, its freezing and we're imagining ourselves in japan! -___-

Emily Ong and I YYYY

Posing with the latest iphone 4gs aka canon camera cover. hahahhahaha

Camwhoring is good to kill time, we have effing long break during the event.

Kids everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *pengsan*
its prettyyy tiring! and its aint fun at all at the theme park for more than 7 hours :S

Jeff's Birthday at Muse *if im not mistaken* @ Jaya One
The uber hip hop Jeff!

The girlss :)

beckham and cindy

:)) my face = CMIIIIIII, due to the long hours of work!

nuff said.

I am so sleepyyyyyy!!

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ABL said...

hey make sure u can fix me up with a event job when i come back to KL for summer! this looks so fun.