Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ma's 55th Birthday

woots Ive decided to work instead of staying at home, lepak-ing around for this coming two months, cause ill be flying off to London next year January! they accepted me already :)

Then, Im so lucky that ill be able to work lor i mean to gain exposureee
Mostly companies dont usually hire fresh grad like me with no experience for such a short period of time. Sfactory, that's it. Ive worked with them previously, I still remember it was a college event/assignment where I am desperately looking for sponsors. They're one of em, and that is how i got to know em :) haha

As for now, I am an Account Executive, handling both clients and production aka middle person. Based on the interview this afternoon was quite interesting and challenging but im not quite sure about the workload -__- arghhh, more detailed tmr.

So this week, yeap this one week practically is my holiday.

Tell me about it, Ive been working for the past 2 months, right after ive completed my last semester at Sunway. I am forced to help my Aunt hahaha but no regretss. the feeling is still damn good where you received your pay cheque at the end of the month.

Then, now is the right time to brush my skills and ideas on what ive studied before
*huge smile on my face*

Ma's 55th Birthday @ El Cerdo Changkat Bukit Bintang

Happy Birthday woman :D
er everyone said we both look damn alikeee. ya meh? -__-

Stella Artois
but i still prefer hoegaarden :))


The Saw's

take 2

and here comeeeee the cake!!

nice lehhh, i buy onee :)))
Then off we go to Envie with the familyyy, apparently Dad's best friend is the owner of the pub/club

happpilyy drinkinnnggg!
but is so awkward la club with them both, i mean pa and ma. hahaha dirty dancing in front of them is so wronggg -__________-

last but not least Ai Cher :)
p/s: i know im always with black dress nor tops. hehehe
alright im so sleepy rightt nowww, farewell post next. stay tuneed!


May said...

you look exactly like ur mum!!!! lovely, like mother like daughter. :)

Natalie saw hy said...

teeeee heeee! yarrrrrrr i know lol lol. :)))) xx