Sunday, October 11, 2009

The hardwork and effort

Ive been always a trouble child in the family.
I still remember those high school days where i skipped classes, cheating in exams hangin out with a bunch of ppl, screaming yelling shouting bullying the juniors, you name it I have it all. My parents was so upset about it.

Form 4 that's it, my first nightmare then I am forced to transfered to another school. This is when i felt the whole world is against me, my regrets were beyond my sorrows. Thank god, I have very supportive siblings . They are the ones who have been the pillars of love and not forgetting this one person that make it up for me back then but sadly *need not to mention*

and so the last year of highschool changed my life taught me to be a better person, it had definitely gave me a new perspective in life. I have learnt that there is no shortcut in life, if you want to live life regretless; you have to work hard and be sincere about it.

and yeap successfully passed my SPM with so so result. Managed to meet the requirements in Sunway College, and yeap decided to be in Events.

I am always looking forward to impress my parents and gain back the trust from them and finallyyy I made it through with a Distinction, seeing them smile and a hug said im proud of you. Really made my day kao kao.

Graduation at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.
Graduated with Diploma in Conventions and Events Management

kan chiong-ness

Wan Ling, Aurora and I (They're Hospitality Graduates)

uh huh here comes my classmates, only the four of us made it through

sem 3 if im not mistaken. haha so cute

organising a tour is aint easyyy

we make it through to Phuket babyy, all the cannot make it faces . haha

i miss phukettt! :(



and Finallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......

My classmates are korean fansss! hahahhaa

I heart you guys

Mua parentsss! :)

Sara and Fang Jin :)


my eldest sis Steph

*credits to sara's mom*

paparazzi. hahahha wtf

"you're stupid"

Thanks to all my fellow classmates and those who helped me out with my assignments *kisses*

currently waiting for my offffer lettterrr, where isss itttttt???

good night world
p/ss: Been emo-ing since morning, wtf is wrong with me.


Jin said...

i'm proud of you baby! :) xxx

nsw2012 said...

congrats lar! =)

Natalie saw hy said...

jin- i cant wait to attend yourse :) love you baby

sean- Thanks! :)

Evelyn Yang Yang said...

wow congratz! (: