Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The journey of life

everyone is leaving, or shall i say everyone is planning to leave Msia to further thier studies. awww, everyone is pursuing their own edu and dreams for a better future, sooooon is going to be my turn :( and Very soooon we're ALL far apart...

its like my this dearest cousin sister here, she's pursuing her edu at Russia in order for her to complete she need to be there for six years. im so proud of her that she's able to make it for the first semester and now she left us again for the next semester!

you go girl, cant wait for your return again. *kisses*

and so i decided to bring her out to club, yay! hahhahaaha! gathered the cousins.
Hit the dance floor with the small little petite girl. imagine the air stewardess offer her kids meal okay -___- hahhahahaha!

from left to right- natsaw, momo, rachel saw, kenneth sim, kah yern aka the dearest cousin sister and lawrence sim Y

2nd pic- Aaron Larsson and Nazlan came and join me as well :)

last but not least , i Y you

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