Monday, September 28, 2009

if you meeeet me half wayyy

Fark! seriously this song stuck in my head for the whole damn day. srsly haha

Anyway, here goes Guinness 250 remarkable years, Arthur's dayyy!

to arthurrrrrrrr yoooo, it was freaking packed like durh, and basically everyone was wearing black and damn i felt so sorry for those girls who wore heels. i can feeeel the pain honestly :/
no offense

so before we head off to the partay, we had beeer!

hahhahaha we allll damn CMIIII woii

thats rachel, jin moi and xin :)

damn commmmffyyyy *hahahhaha*
while waiting for BEP to perform, we head off to the counter to have Guinness, the queue was damnnnn longg and at lastttttttttt

jin babyyyy wats wrong with youuu? hahaha
im like syiok sendiri -__-



after that it was supper and home!

and yeap tats about it, gonna sleeeep if not ill be late for work again. urghh!


leiyoon said...

yooooooooooo !! glad to have u as part of our crowd !! hehe..

thx to u n ur frens for coming : )

Natalie saw hy said...

yoooo! good job hun! :) all the hard work of yoursee! *pats on the shoulder* see you real soon hun!