Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Antoine and Yvonne Wedding Dinner

arghh is been ages since i last attend Wedding Dinner!
is reeeallly nice seeing everyone is getting married. awwwww, when is my turn woi? lol!
and and i think ill be damn particular in everything!! the flow of the dinner, every single tiny little thing must be damnn good. haha

So the last minute decision, and no regrets attending and seeing them again :)
they're still so nice to me, althou at first is kinda awkward to actuallly be there.
srsly tell me about it but everything turns out pretty fine, dont worry la nixon

and so the dinner is at Mandarin Oriental

congratsss :)))

The How's Family
(Nixon, Veron, Yvonne, Grace and Kennedy)

luckily i have them to keep me accompanied , if not ill be damn bored.

down down downn downn more wine pleeeasee.

is me, nick and joyce :)

Is the bride with her sunway university college students

the love birds, veron and mike :)

Right after the dinnnerr, the fridays came and pick me up and off to phuture

omg omg omfg, hahahha! babe you tell me when was the last time we see each other?
so happy to see you againnnn *big smile on the face*
that's Ana, wivi on the 2nd pic and last but not least chor yin and I

thats part of the fridayssss :)

wheres Sylvester? hmphh!

ah fark, immmmm craving for loud music noww, wtf!
good night worlddd, back to work tmrrrr, thats reallly dammmnn SUCKY!


ps/: ill be keeping your dirty little secrets

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BabyAna said...

Darlingg...its been years larrr! haHAHA glad to finally ''bump'' into u againnn! i wonder when v gonna see each other lar? u busy women!! Lup u loads ;)