Wednesday, August 26, 2009


hey ya'll, been busssy not because of uni but work.
is aint easy/pretty tough working with relatives and doing things that you did't even like it at first. I mean now i sorta like it, hahaha thanks to the everyday routine la

fyi im currently working in a tinting shop at taipan.
my aunt needed my help due to her admin girl is having her maternity leave and she wont be in town for like two weeks. Sadly to say, is pretty hard at first like i said, urgh.
ADMIN WORRRKK! is just so not ME you see.

but sometime we just have to learn something different to enhance yourself. haha :) wtf

Anyway, it was carsss everyday! X6 is freaking HAWT! *drools*

thats ferrari california YYYY
another hawt stuff!

after working for a week I realized is pretty relaxing la, once you understand everything! :)
BTW anyone interested in tinting your car, pls do come and look for me aight! :)


Tequila Shots party at my house, it was CRAZYYY. hahaha

good night ya'll, hugs and kisses from natsaw :)

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