Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dee's 21st birthday celebration

random picture taken during our in between break, sly and jeff came over for lunch.
stripes babey, such coincidence! (: i miss college life now :(
the last semester of mine was pretty hectic, due to the amount of assignments.
still prefer assignments than my current work now, althou is quite relaxing lah -_-


Anyway, proudly presents Dee's 21st Birthday Celebration
080888, yeap thats it, his date of birth! damn yeng right :O

so we went Xenri for dinner and off to Werners for the so called surprise party
you guys parked your cars right in front of Werners how to surprise the birthday boy you tell me. hahaha!

ah kai, steph and boon with that cheeky face. haha

Buffet = always a Big No for me, one round and im full! so not worth it mann :/

the love birds :)

the birthday boy yo Y

moi, helen, kamen and cindy

:) :) :D

ill see you girls on this saturday again! whee~

Us girls and Dj Ernest

pls do come and support him tmr@ wednesday at Maison, clicky click *JDQ's* blog for more info's, the whole world is going to be there again! :D

i ciao-ed at about 2 ish, the fridays came all the way just to pick me and off to yum cha.
love you guys

i better go sleep now, work at 9am tmr! :S
p.s//: two more to go, *yummies on the right* evil. hahaha

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