Saturday, July 4, 2009

wassup ya'll

this morning was hectic man, i mean working with the bunch was real fun but in the morning! facing the sun, shouting and jumping pretending im in the concert, was -__-
damn tiring ok. sweating like a pig summore

even though they're paying RM 100 on the spot for 4 hours lah.
its not easy, not eassy...

is a quick post guys, im gonna sleep early and prepare myself for tmr.
shouting , cheering for my lil cousin brother Lawrence who's in STUNNERS all-boys, Sri Kdu
long day tmr again leeh.

okok, let me complete my Day Two in Bali and im off to my bed.

Dinner at the beach was a-ma-zing but is kinda pricey :/


aiyo, the more i see the pictures the more i miss Bali. -__-

Day3 and 4 coming up! actually alot of pretty pictures coming upp!! wheeee


Anonymous said...

love the top ur wearing in the photos. where did u get it??

Natalie saw hy said...

hey i bought it from forever 21 :) awesome stuff! hehehhehhe