Wednesday, July 8, 2009


just when you're all stressed up and depressed because of college/countless assignments/results. so lonely until you start thinking nonsense and desperately need someone to sayang like maybe just a hug or a tap on the shoulder

then someone ring you up while you're having your afternoon nap, saying that "im at your house now, can you please open the door" and gave me this


is just too pretty to eat, but i whack everything! hahha
and thanks for coming all the way just to give me this baby, i felt so much better!
thanks baby :)


ABL said...

not surprised u can whack everything... WHO's "baby"? new boytoy?

Natalie saw hy said...

stupidd!! im still singleee. wait for you to be my toyboy onlyyyyy

♥ BELL ♥ said...

so yummy nia...
where buy one...
i want to eat =P