Friday, July 24, 2009

Rebellz @ Envie

Greetings! how are you guys doing woi?
this week is so eventful lo. which is good, kept me occupied and stop thinking nonsense
but wait im *thinking nonsense now* wtf wtf thinking what to do tmr, start planning my schedule sigh events brought me up that way. i must have contingency plans and all wtf. :S

anyway, we went Rebellz @ high on heels at Envie- Changkat Bukit Bintang
was there with the team fridays and emily as well, met bell and her friends too :)

pictures time!!!

Jin baby and I

Emily and I

moi, bell, doreen, jacklyn & emily :) :) :)

jeff, moi, syl, momo aka the cousin brother & ryan :)
and then we headed off to AC to see the *boyfriend* awhile to satisfy jin baby. hehehhe!
i hope you can make it for henessy, your *girlfriend* will be damn happy if you could make it.hahahahaha.

As for today, right after class was at tcpj.
we gave Edmund a surprise!! went there and accompany him for an hour break.
then off to 7th floor.

this is chor yin :)
p.s/: who else going Henessy ey? :)

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