Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hennessy Artistry 09

i just had my rojak, haha freaking orgasmic! :)
i skipped my dinner ok.

anyway, is going to be a quick post. i just dont wish to drag and wait and drag again.
if not i'll be posting up real outdated posts ady. urgh!

so there you go, Hennessy Artistry was about booze babey.
Thanks Jin's baby for the vip's ticket :) the free flow was driving me crazyyy, haha
if you know me well, you will get what i mean *winks*

so the day started off pretty well, just that we waited ryan for freaking half an hour. :/

but its all good lah, we went off to grab a quick dinner at burger king
and off to bukit kiara indoor arena.

the guys(from left- momo, edmund, syl, ryan)

once we entered, they served us with shots! so nice of them serving us free flow srsly.

nat, xin & jin, hahhahah! *scroll down you will get what i mean*

thats me with helen, libby and cai jin :)

1st- thats jin, ryan, choryin and moi
2nd & 3rd - edmund and choon weng, they look pretty good in black woi.


we are all hyped up at this moment, hahaha, if you were to asked me what happen, i couldn't really recall, srsly. -__-

i love you guys woi *hugs*

me, ryan, syl, yh, cai jin and chor yin with the polka dots dress :)

preeetty :)

after that was at summit, and idonthinkyouwanttoknowwhathappened

Anyway, Guinness party is coming sooon, is somewhere around sept. hahaha
you guys better be prepared man, another awesome night out yo.

good night folks, *kisses*

xin ah xin, see how much we love you! :)

btw welcome back baby Y

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