Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CosmoBeaute Asia

Have you guys heard of CosmoBeaute Asia?
i bet not, cause its only caters to Beautician, is a B2B(Business to business) exhibition.
unless you're a beautician or make up artist or Beauty Salon Owners/Professionals..
where you can actually get a lot of cheap stuffs for yourself cause they sell in bulk.

and i still remember i went over to Indonesia @Jakarta last year for the show, as a event coordinator. my job scope was pretty relaxing la, like meeting up with the exhibitors and all, asking for feedback and etc etc. met lots of ppl that is in the industry and get a lot of goodies from the exhibitors. ha. ha

and also do my job as,

event coordinator? wtf -__-

and not forgetting we hit the club almost everyday after the exhibition, i was there for one freaking week, it was awesome man! *clicky click*

So this year 13th - 16th July 2009 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC),
and yeap i have passes to be there and sapu all kind of fake eyelashes or perhaps more eye shadows and eye liners. ha ha ha at a very low price. ha ha ha.

want to find out more about CosmoBeute Asia *click*

okay gotta run, very sleepy!

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