Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Night

My heart My Mind is out there, there there and there

I just finished watching terminator salvation with the cousins and mum, like finallly!
wooo, i cant wait for transformerrr already after watching the movie preview..

and now im stuck at home.
giving myself the lamest excuses to not go out like my dad at home, i can consider hardcore yesterday night, i have mid term on monday and wednesday!

BUT STILLL, i feel like going out!
My mind is out there at the heart of kuala lumpur or maybe craving for chivas!!!

how laaaaaaaa like thatttttttttt!!!!!! -_______-

and i realize i get mad easily these days, and oh oh my freaking mood swingg! damn!

my baby is on the way to come and see me. hhehehhehe!

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