Monday, May 18, 2009

WTFFFF, i am so happy!!!!
i just finish my god damn report about my training/internship.
freaking 45 pages ya'll. its not easy its not easy!!

i am so relieve now srsly, i couldn't sleep well for few days already, you know.
woke up during mid night and think what are the things that is needed to be done, keep on telling myself ,is running out of time yada yada. omg oh my gawdddd,
i managed to finish the report.

and of cause i need to specially thanks nixon who actually help me out like alot!
i owe you a meal :)

and thank god i can start reading my new moon again, ya wtf so late, i know!
There's plenty to do but so little time, i really have no choice to sacrifice my edward cullen.


and now here i am, im back!
but not tonight, cause i have classes to attend tmr.


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