Friday, May 8, 2009


my blog is so dead!!
i dont feel like blogging when there's no pictures, (shit i rely on pics now)

oh *waves waves* i got back from gym an hour ago, fly wheels definitely made my day.
The satisfaction right after that an hour class is Superb!

siggh, why is it so hard to actually slim down, i freaking jealous those food whackers where they just whack whatever they want and they dont freaking gain weight!!! so *toot* unfair.

cause now i feel like whacking the korean maggie mee(which i cant, no supper no supper)
On the other hand i am procastinating on my report that ive to submit on the 18th of May.
walao, so many things to write in that effing report. -_-
*i feel like banging my head to the wall now*

i cant vomit anything out from my mind, i should, no i have to do the outline now.
if not condamnfirm die >.<


is driving me crazzzyyy, yes YOU!

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