Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just one!


sorry la i woke up late today, therefore i couldn't upload the pics.

heh heh heh

anyhow, work was tired but i love the after feeling where the team managed to sell all the products :D and and i think im good in motivating others :)

cannot take it when they're like deadfish, how to hit target like dat -__-

so in result we statisfied the client kao kao, haha!
I damn happy you know and i got to learnt so many things in just one day! :) :)
*a round of applause*

So as you can see the title just one meaning just one picture, lol!
the net is damn slowww, you can't blame me that i've to delay again :S
and morning shift tmr :/

so will be right back again. zzz

p.s// to my beloved classmate, i haven't start doing research yet. omg! don't kill me if you see this , but promise ill get it done asap, and so we can proceed to the next level for our group assignement ok. :/

lastly, just one!

Shirley and I
if you know the reality show *I Want To Be Model*, she's in the top 8! :)
The reality show will be out around june, if im not mistaken.
will update about it soon.

alright, till next time. sleep tight. xoxo :D

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