Sunday, May 3, 2009

So i woke up early today and had curry mee with the parents (:
then busy editing the pics and uploaded all of em in facebook!

cause i don't want the babies to say im always late haha

so em picturess!

decided to wear the forever 21 top
and i knew there's going to be so many checkers in mos
haha i was so right

never thought of going mos if the babies never call, srsly.
jin, lib yin(jin's collegemates), and me

the babies (:
:) :) :)

mos is superduper packed :S
Thanks yee hui who actually spent drinks for me and the girls and not forgetting the guys too

we both name ourselves bella!!
and trying damn hard to find our edward cullen. haha

nice meeting you lib yin :)


last but not least,

we're prettier adyyyyy :D

shit la, my college resumes tmr and you both having hols soon.

so not fair -.-

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