Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mother's Day at Jaya Palace (:
It was a great night out with my parents and siblings included the extended ones
The food was awesome but is kinda pricey

what else what else,
Oh ya we bought Prada bag for mummy, come and think of it I still haven't pay my sister yet.
T.T hahahha

so hmm... pictures!

wooo, i freaking love oysters! :)
wtf am i doing? lol

1st pic : Daddy and I
2nd pic : Vivian and the eldest bro

The Saw's Family
To be honest, I am really proud to have such a big family! :)
So fun, imagine if all us have kids! whoar interesting! :O

1st pic = HHAAHHAA!

btw I am so sleepy right now and lonely! wtf
I want those feelings back where you're lying on the bed, holding the phone talking, goes on and on about life and then the next thing when you check the time it was already 5am.

it was ages sad.

but luckily i have all this pictures to keep me away from loneliness, hahaha.
is freaking priceless i tell you.
How do we ended up taking all this pictures, lol i've no idea
But it was reaaaaaaaaaally fun, that's going to be my next post. (:

You both are my life now!
*Don't you both dare to dump me* :p

Had an awesome lunch with xin baby yesterday, and can i ask for more?!? :D

sleep tight ya'll, loves!

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