Thursday, April 23, 2009

The last hardcore eating trip, HAHAHA!
If i ever stay in Penang for one week, condamnfirm will gain weight T.T
one night also freaking gain one kg, damnit!

like i just mentioned is going to be my last hardcore eating trip, couldn't imagine the outcome

btw i everyday never miss hitting the gym :D

ok ok here we go!!

the lobak, omfg fucking awesome

The red bean ice aka ice kacang, is damn bagus also

OMFG, the char kuey teow!!!!
DAMNIT the freaking huge prawnn, and see ham, wooo orgasmic lo
btw is RM 8 -__- but worth it

omg the sauce is damn awesome lah, im not a big fan for CCF.
to be honest i don't like CCF but this is different, way different woi!
i freaking whack the whole plate! :S

together with this Assam laksa!
omfg, if my friend never remind me to take picture ive already whack everything!

Last but not least,
The rojak!
im so hungry right now T.T

i think i better go sleep, my brother is eating tuna sandwich with sausages in front of ME!

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