Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheryl's 21st :)

before i start, i would like to say
i am heading back to my hometown tonight for *ching meng*
if you guys wondering where is it, is Pangkor island LAH!
nothing awesome beside the seafood, if you reaaaally a seafood lover!
*waves* I AM, HAHA!
will do my very first food post later on (:

anyhow, people asking me how the hell you actually blog while you're in the office
1st- i don't allow to bring my laptop to the office
2nd - all my pictures is in my laptop

Haha curious leh.
let me tell you, every night i will start editing pictures and upload in image shack
Just in case ive nothing to do in the office, i can start blogging mah

SO here i am now, when My Checklist is all *Tick*
pheeeew, but one thing i hate doing cold calls. MAHAI.. urgh....

whatever it is, lets start.
On the 28 of march, i went capsquare, Earth Hour to support the brother.
O.O it was damn a lot of people who came to support the event/Earth Hour! :)
*A round of applause*

the event starts with the Walk of Hope, lead by the marching band and fire eaters
not forgetting, the Charm cheerleaders was there too :)

so pretty :)

Kl Tower took part too :)

I can see next year Earth Hour is going to be Massive!

Lets continue...
right after the earth hour!
i went over to Sucasa Ampang for cheryl's 21st.

on the way

Cindy, bday girl, moi :D
The party is strictly Booze only :))

Happy 21st birthday girl :)

im so HAPPY for you lah *winks*

All of us.

after cutting the cake, back to the booze party baby

Desperately want more boozeee!

At the end, damn luen sui(messy)
is like chivas, vodka then wine and etc etc T.T

Aiyar,but overall is still awesome.

Argh, everyone is turning 21st.
Like what everyone says once reach 21st time flies like shit
mine is next year. O.o

So fast!!!!

I love you woman


TianChad田七摄影 said...

Haha Natalie you was there at CapSquare?
We might have seen each other but just not recognize each other ;p

Nice to meet you anyway haha!

Natalie saw hy said...


yeap! is okay, there's always next time :)

nice too meet you too *winks*