Monday, March 30, 2009

Photobucket bandwidth exceeded ?!?!?

*edited* (scroll down)


to those whos using photobucket, i bet you guys might encounter this
the bandwidth exceeded!! and saying upgrade to pro now.

COME ON i don't wish to pay puh-lease.
but my main concern is how am i gonna save all my pictures?
reading my previous blog post with no pictures, is a big no no :(

WHAT NOW???!?!?!
HOW NOW?!??!?!

puhlease, help me out if you know how to solve the problem!

damn stress wey lidat T.T



pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, Thanks to helen! :)
Actually if you guys encounter the same problem, just calm down and wait for
photobucket to reset your account.

According to Helen, you just have to go to your account settings see what
date you actually registered then it will reset same date next month or maybe
this month it depends onyour date you registered your account.
meaning don't FREAK out. lol

look whos talking, i freak out like shit just now, asking everyone for help! haha
but thanks to Missy cheerio, and Josh *winks

and also DON'T DELETE your pictures okay, just wait!! :)

so don't ever use photobucket, maybe you can try picasa or imageshack.
recommended by the others :)

arggh, felt so much better now! Thanks Helen honey

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