Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pinky promise post :)

my whole body is aching like shit now, that's determined how long i never exercise lah

Anyway, almost all of friends is all turning 21st this year
and ive been attending alot 21st birthday party lately.

is all good but is just one thing *pressie* = $$ = *pokai* :S
My birthday this november you guys know what to do lah, haha!

Shirley Chong's 21st Birthday Party 15.03.09 @ Apartment

nat. birthday girl, cindy :)

hope you like the pressie hun :D

there's more thou go and visit my facebook kay
but wait i statisfied myself today


*cheryl's 21st coming up next*


Shinky said...

I would say it's more like a greedy look then a stupid look to me... :P
Btw, haven't really tried BB before.. >.<"

Dad won't buy when I was young, and I can't afford it when I was old (enough). >.<"

Natalie saw hy said...

hahahhahha GREEEDY! is damn delicious can not be not greedy leh. :(