Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wish...

  • i wish i can fast forward time, so that i can finish my internship like now
  • i wish i could have one week break
  • i wish i can take off my braces now
  • i wish i can start my gym now, but im so damn freaking busy!
  • i wish i can meet up with the two bimbos (jin and xin) and spend girly time together
  • i wish there's someone can replace me to Seremban tmr for the Mitsubishi
    event. fyi: is for the whole damn freaking week.
  • the point above is impossible, therefore if anyone is free I WISH you guys can come
    and visit me. I know is Seremban, there's nothing to do there -_______- but pity the
    little girl lah, she's going to be alone for 4 days :(
    fyi: My boss will dump me there on wed till sat and then she'll pick me up on Sunday


  • Lastly, i WANT all my yummies on the right.


too much la natsaw, stop dreaming and back to reality


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