Friday, March 27, 2009


im checking my emails, facebook, msn, manage to blog ady. gawd
its been three days straight O-kay, damnit!!! :S

been busy doing Panasonic's event like
their media launch, their new tagline launch, their sales convention, their gala dinner!
Everything in 3 days!

the back to back event, its so damn tiring srsly
i only got to sleep like 3 hours or maybe less on Monday onwards.
me as the runner, AS IN RUNNER.
from the Pyramid sales convention to the Sunway Resort & Spa so many times -_-
cut the crap is just part of it anyway.
being an intern is not easy is basically indescribable thou, argh.


HOWS THE ZOUK 5th anniversary??!?!?!
-______- damnit

i miss the fun??!?!?!??!?!! *sighs

anyhow, my whole body is aching like shit now. standing from 6 am till 1 am
for 3 freaking days

and FINALLYY the disaster has ended
i am looking foward for 6pm and pheeewwwwwwwwwww


just for two days :( seriously damn not enough
nvm 14 days to go, exclude the weekends

xinny will definetly like it :)
will post up pictures once i got home and i needa get back to work

till then, hugs!

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