Sunday, March 22, 2009


just got back from my (hometown/pangkor island) for cousin's wedding dinner.
argh, the trip was all about eating again, whacking the best seafood, drinking beer

but chill, ive done something productive today.
went swimming at happy garden's, 21 laps it was.
awwwwwwwww, feeeeeling so good now!

but i know is not enough la, ive gained alot recently srsly
so scary seeing myself in the pictures thou :S

the beer the beer the beeeeeeeeeer :/
urgh, luckily after all the nagging from my mum,
I managed to convince her to pay for my gym, i need to go asap before she change her mind.
she always do that :S telling me since when i promise you and all :S
besides, i know once i sign up for gym, i have to go through another nagging session again
my dental appointment is next tues :S

if you realize is all about money*

ah, cut the crap
LIM CAI JIN, see you soon *laughs*

till then, nights! Y

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