Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morning darling's!
how's everything treating you guys? hmph

imma doing a quick post, before i go down to gsc signature for a product launching tonight
you know all the set up have to be done before the movie, so i have to be there early

anyway, i got to watch Benjamin button tonight as well hahaha *winks
its actually a pampering session for the media's :)

yesterday night yumcha session was good after gym, its been ages since i last exercise
AND its been ages since i last have a pleasant talk with the friends :S

we were talking about the planning for this Saturday, and gossip :D

So whats your plan for saturday?
awwwww, dont lovey dovey infront of me okay, HAHAHHA!


*scroll down

(thats xin and siang)

xin: nat nat you see this girl soo CUTE
moi: where where?
xin: " point at her picture on the camera screen"
moi " wtf -___-" hahhaha
HAHHHA, i still love you :)

anyho, these are the pictures we took during cny, My crib.

moi, jin, xin & eemay :)

i dont want your picture to be my wallpaper. hahah


haha look at david :O

and then we went off to siang's for more gamble session

i reallly kan chiong when i see them play -__-

lets end with eemay kiss :)

OH SHIT is 11 am, i gotto run i have to be there at 12pm


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