Sunday, February 22, 2009

holla people
i just got back from A famosa, Malacca.
family gathering is never disappointing, never! :)

is another memorable yet awesome dinner cum gathering
awesome place to stay
the granny is so so so Happy, aw!

anyho, im reeeeeeeeeeeally tired
we had paintball this morning, and it was my first time lah
and guess what, i got shot right at the thigh or shall i say near my pussy?
what the hell -___-

..... dot dot dot ......

Thats what i meant :S now i couldn't walk properly :(

what a nice place to aim at, hor!
never know paintball is so fun, can't wait for the next time
more updates soon

natsaw is going to take her nap, or perhaps will only wake up tmr morning

night ya'll Y


Anonymous said...

Looks painful! Eek!

Natalie saw hy said...

eeks. yeah! but its getting better now. no worries :D