Tuesday, February 3, 2009

*cough -_-

Natalie's Status : Sick

im coughing my lung out since last night, dizzy, sore throat, diarrhoea
Basically All in one -___-
I even skipped the *pai tin kung at Dee's place/Nixon's place.
i ate medicine, then slept at 8 pm and i woke up at 830am which is this morn,
which is more than 12 hours! O.o

so this morning, i couldn't drag myself up for work.
texted the lady boss that i wont be going to the office, and then continue sleeping
till i beh tahan, woke up and go see doctor -__-

you know, i always refuse to go see doctor until i couldn't stand it anymore
-___- medicine suck bigtime
i wonder how my nephew can actually love eating medicine till can chew
every single tablets *rolleyes

Anyway, last thursday night i was out with the bunch to Werner's
Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL.

Werner's : is a nice chilling place, you guys should go check it out :)

1st: Liang Keat
2nd: Cindy

1st: moi, dee & cindy :)

1st: natalie. boon, jeff and cindy

i think by now, you know who are they (:

It was beer whole night long, and we decided to go Bukit Tinggi the next morn

At last, we all woke up late due to the amount of beers we drank the night before and
ended up we went Malacca instead
one day trip ya'll, we actually go there for lunch only, semangat right haha!
but it was all good, especially the accompany *winks

ah, the medicine is doing the work now -.-
good night ya'll

p.s/ Dear all, please cut down all the junk and mandarin oranges! Please drink TONS
and tons tons of water okay :)

don't be like me, regretted kao kao :(

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