Thursday, January 29, 2009

oh so random

im praying so hard that time could actually stop for a w h i l e, a day maybe?
which is impossible -__- time fliess like shit, godamit :(

next week onwards is going to be a hell loads of work to do, the amount of
work that i have to do is countless *sigh, since im the only intern under my lady boss
and damnit ive one proposal to submit *smack myself

SIGH im dead bored at home, is chinese new year woi.
woman im waiting for you to come back, and crash my place tmr night,
i hope is "ON" tmr :)

on the other hand, hopefully tonight i have somewhere to go

gemuk dah,damnit! :(


Ishneesha Swee Yin said...

babe ive invited you for my private blog k (:

Natalie saw hy said...

alrighto hunny :)