Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OH Heeeeeeeeeeeey, good morning ya'll!

I forgot to mention yesterday, IVE GOT MY RESULT through email woi!!
So kan chiong leeeeeh

The Detailed;
Hi Natalie,

Your sem 5 results are as follows:

Organizational Behavior - A
Integrated Marketing Management - A
MICE events Production Operations - A
BKA - B (fyi: Bahasa Kebangsaan)
Cost Accounting - C

As you can see, i suck at numbers :(
but i am SATISFIED with my result :D reeeeaally

I AM NOT SHOWING OFF, i just want to share it to everyone

When you Party Harder your result is BETTER! *crap
i cant wait till i finish my internship and i have one more semester to go, then IM DONE!

I text-ed my mum yesterday too;

Me: tell her my result
Mum: GOOD, you can go overseas already

IMMA SO HAPPY, can you feel it?
*huge smile on my face (: