Friday, January 2, 2009

What a good start for 09

Newscaster, actress, among 26 arrested at SEX Party!

KUALA LUMPUR: A newscaster, an actress, a disc jockey and several students were among those picked up at a New Year's Eve party where drugs and sex were the order of the day.

The party was in full swing when the police team knocked on the door of the 11th floor serviced apartment in Jalan P. Ramlee here at about 3am.

They rounded up 26 highly-intoxicated youths, some of whom broke down and cried while a few others tried to resist arrest.

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DAMN SAD la seriously! and i wonder who are THEY?!?!
there you go, the future of yourse -___-

By the way, my new year eve was pretty fucked up too!
is not that i spend my new year eve in lock-up lah, not like im taking drugs lah.
IS theres too much things happened on that night, but im glad, really! There's someone whos there for me to at least calm things down!

Whatever it is, Fuck it! *smiles