Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ive promised myself that i have to blog something today, its for me to be on the track!
but at the moment ive so much things to blog about... :(

So ill make it a quick post, because im so damn sleepy already plus
i need to wake up early tmr. Anyhow, ive just finish doing 6 pom-poms with Aaron
*is for some event lah -__-

What ive done today?
nothing much, hmph i went to the saloon - dyed and cut my hair !

As for tmr,
I AMMM so gonna go out to do my shopping with mum, probably Bangsar
cause i dont think i have time to do my shopping already :(
I won't be free on tmr night onwards till thursday :(
and ill be leaving to my hometown on friday :(

you must be thinking busy until like that meeeeeh?
YEAP, i wont be home for four days, my sunday night till tues ill be at times square,
moreover on tues till thursday ill be at marriot putrajaya woi.


i have events at both places! :(
is not like im not excited about the event, is just dat for me SHOPPING is way important leh and why issit during that week(i mean next week) *omg

plus im not gonna bring my laptop over, SO no updates from me already -__-
dah lah ive so many things to say, wait till after chinese new year?!?!?

im afraid i couldn't recall back all the things already :S
URGH, ill try my best to do my updates!

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