Thursday, January 29, 2009


Mlk trip was all about eating, now i feel like vomiting :(
im tired of eating srsly, i cant stand it anymore -__-

anyho, ive four more days before i start work!
im so gonna fully utlize my time, house session?
hmphh :D

outdated pictures

outings Y
im so gona see you guys soon :)


My four hardcore working days :)

*the current interns in Hotshoes :)
(frm left to right- Jasmine, Joelle, Lee Tien, NatSaw & Aaron Larsson)

Boon Siew's newly-launched Honda icon Event @ Putrajaya Marriot
We're all tipsy right after that, and got screwed a lil haha!

more updates soon *winks

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