Monday, January 5, 2009


I really have no idea for the post title, every single time i blog :/
im coughing like a mad person, so yeah! *cough is my title -__-

anyho, pictures! imlazytoblog about it!
Well, mostly you know who are they already lah *winks


i brought my sister out too, i am good leh? i know :D

my fucked up look, my curls is not even curls la at that time. EW!
you know why? thanks to those Malay's who sprayed me. tiu

and im busy avoiding someone -__-
damn sad lah my new years eve, srsly woi. eeks*
i hope its all settle now, and i hope you freaking understand me :)


Dinner at Tony Roma's then Deq@ MOS with Jin and Xinying :)

forever 21

then my beloved bff got her pressie from her beloved bf
As you can seeeeee, i am so KEPO. haha

JIN is so happy lor :)
and as you can seeeee, she drink champagne we drink beer. wtf hahaha

MOS is sooo empty that day lo, srsly!

LOVE YOU, bitches! *mwahs mwahs
it was a great night lor..
and JIN puh leaseee, you look good with the make up woi. *aiyo

till next time Y

p/s: We will always be there for you hun!

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