Monday, December 8, 2008

is D-day tmr

well actually i really wanna do everything in one post
but photobucket doesn't allow me to do so, ive been trying since gods know when
but its not working and its getting late already, I AM WORKING tmr -__-

therefore, MOS's pictures will be up next.
But wait i wont disappoint you guys, there's still picture :)
On the saturday i went Aloha, Poppy and Passion.
Basically is abit here and there, everywhere is crowded.
but not as bad as MOS, that one memang gila. omg

and i was suppose to go zouk. but ive no transport there.
Sorry honey, you know who you're.
This weekend maybe? tag my brother along. so he can jaga us. hehe (:

so back to the topic,
that night basically was spent with the bunch and not forgetting nixon's family was there too and the free flow of liquor was awesome. lol

thanks nixon *winks!
hmph, you might be thinking why Aloha. hahahaha

anyway pictures yo.

*hugs and kisses
wish me luck tmr and HELO traffic jam! :(

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