Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hari Ahad

**// edited


You know what ill be right back later,
PMS-ing, freaking torturing
Friday it was,
Right after work, had dinner with the lovely melissa at Frames @TTDI
then it was bamboo and HQ9 with melissa and her friends!
Freaking whole day i didt bath, wtf! hahahhaha

then HAR i freaking bump into Ana the partyqueen
SEEEEEEE, if we dont plan, we sure can see each other one! hugs
Fyi: We always have tons of plans but never jadi like Always *laughs
moi, ChristiANA, Jessica :)
My freaking tired look, hahaha!

1st pic : me & Teh Yun Da :p
2nd pic : Mel, moi, Melissa aka one of my supervisor :)

Its freaking monday again,
Fcuk the jam lah, its freaking turn me down everytime. :(
Ive no choice, We've no choice, damn sad right! Yor!

p.s:/ mon,tues,wed will be busy for Emirates Grand Launch & Annual Dinner!


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