Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 08

now i know is actually photobucket is being a bitch
i dont know whats wrong but i give up searching the solutions.
whatever it is, my pictures from now onwards will like below :)

alright, my Halloween was spent at Waikiki too and Sanctuary with the bunch, not all of em thou. F.Y.I: Tats my first time and i wont go back to sanctuary, for gods know whats reason, i dont like the place! :S

arggggh! Besides, waikiki was urm no comment, i get my salary before i work.
and i ciao-ed early too! haha and not forgetting the two fellas who teman me to work. Thanks, i know you guys damn du lan waiting for me for more than 6 hours @.@

whatever it is, pictures time..

yaya! i know is HALLOWEEN, typing error *winks
with veron, lb, and eli in the pics :)
and oh ya the black rose on my boobs, its actually body painting.
and im like showing my boobs to attract more ppl to do the body painting


tats halloween, green room next ;)

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