Thursday, November 6, 2008

RIGHT NOW, im so the awake!
like ive slept more than 12 hours lidat, but the truth is just 2 hours. :S
My dad came back at this time everyday most probably la, what he'll do is he'll go to every one's room making sure everyone is back home and a kiss on the forehead(only for the girls in the house) That's what he always do, sweet kan? :) But it will also turn evil when he's drunk/tipsy.

and thats why. He woke me up! *ptf and im trying so hard to get back to my dreams but i freaking cant. arghhhh, i hate this wey, because by the time i feel sleepy and i actually SLEEP, i have to get my ass up for college. -____-

dot dot dot dot dot...
whatever it is THIS can actually make my day *smiles
s c r o l l d o w n

HAHAHAHA! i dont think i can do all this by using the mouse.

that is just so random, and hows my new header lah?
i actually thought of putting the words D ont J udge
hmm hmmm hmmm. so wannabeee.

night ya'll
i wanna force myself to sleep. :)


Heavanessa said...

your brother can draw those with a mouse.. we're noobies!

Natalie saw hy said...

hahahhahahaa! yeah i saw him drawing before. lol.

pretty noob la. ;p

loves lovessss!