Thursday, October 30, 2008


all of us, my clubbing kaki!
not like i go clubbing very often, but i would love to haha
i know its going to be very soon, cause ill be out and work on Dec.
Plus, i love drinking so much, and spending time with the loves one is awesome :) Anyway, i actually thought of uploading the pics as usual, but i really don't know why i click the size small and the pic came out so damn huge like above. so i decided to compile some of the pics together. and using abit of mine illustrator skills, it turns out good. no?
Uploading pics this way is way easier! *winks
BUT i still wonder why suddenly my picture is so huge?
who can tell me why. *shakeshead

more to come.
im so sleepy and ive got so many assignment lining up -__-
nevermind enjoy tmr first. WTF

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