Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ms & Mr Campus first round!

The interesting post *laughs
yeap as i mentioned earlier, ive joined this particular competition. everything was o-kay :)

*i know i got no butt lah -___-

mummy dearest, who always support me whenever and wherever!

phoeble and jie
the No. 1 supporter, who always make sure i look good :)
btw she's my eldest sister's best friend.

Q & A session
*was praying so hard that is an easy question

and yeap i know how to answer :)


nixon how ken loong

kamen. moi. cindy. eli.
Dearest cindy and I
outfit sponsored by tough, and its suck. *lol


and not forgetting, all of you lah!
* a huge smile on my face
im amazed/surprised when i see all of you, awwwwww! THANKS

i heart you guys kao kao!
alright, the interesting part!

*dot dot d o t do t dot d o t!

*scroll d o w n

a short part of me singing on the stage, althou there's a mistake but luckily i managed to deal with it : )

im ready to accept all the comments, critic or what not
especially my body movement. hahhahaha!
laugh all you can

type MC space F5 send to 36611, vote for me! :D
Im in top 12, then semi final is gonna be this sunday, same place! gonna kick another 6 again then till final on the 26 oct 08! Do come and support me if you're free okay!



Anonymous said...

good luck and all the best Natalie.

Natalie saw hy said...

happycat- i wonder who are you. hmph! anyway thanks for the support. will try my best to do the best. hehhehe *loves

Anonymous said...

no gan yee keng
i knew you frm ah fook de la..
sharon ns fren ^^
not orang jahat anyway..
no worries XD