Monday, October 27, 2008


hey ya'll, im back lah! wtf
okay, photobucket is being a bitch, i cant upload my pics.

so its not me being lazy alright, hang on! :)

so what ive done lately?
hmmm nothing much really happened, the usual bumming around
But i went up genting with the bunch on saturday for Miss Astro Final 08. Is the highlight of the week, i was up at genting with the bunch, sitting at the first front row. *laughs went outdoor BUT i did not go for Solero Shot. *i got no balls for that -__-
and then i was so busy shouting, cheering in front of the outdoor entrance :) Its like WAR, hahaha, you can see the pics later alright
oh ya, all kamen's supporters was in orange!

Althou, Kamen couldn't made in to the Top 5 *sad but she tried her best already and she's so gonna be famous too! *proud proud Anyway, for the result you can clicky click here.
Then went gohtong jaya for dinner and Im HOME at about 3 ish.

In case you're thinking why the hell i managed to go genting, get a yes from my parents. IS because i called my eldest brother along, give him two tickets so he can enjoy with his gf, call him to fetch me up! and he's okay with it, so hahahhahahhahah! if not is impossible for me to go lah. -__-

Then Sunday, went down for the Ms and Mr Campus final.
HAHHAHA the unexpected had happen wtf, change the title to Ms cute lah *ptf! come on man, all the judges blind one is it, cmon see the title is MS and MR CAMPUS, aiyooooo! *no offense, shakeshead. the winner is F12, click. Haih

Then at night, went dinner with the family to celebrate Mom's Bday. wine and german beer was *thumbs up :)

After that, we went redbox *karaoke!
hahahahahah, i love singing wey. *winks
Well it was 11 p.m till 4 a.m and the price was RM 60 per person with only two cup of drinks, quite expensive right -__-

AND ta daaaa, thats my whole week!

and TMR its Tuesday *big sigh
my class is going to be at 8 till 4, whoi!

stay tuned for pics *winks!

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