Monday, September 29, 2008

Ms and Mr Campus 08

sam- i look really ugly in the pic *no joke, and nothing to be gugu gaga loh, is just some lala event. wtf okay okay, is ms & mr campus. Anyway, i also couldn't recall why im in the competition, oh ya they set up a booth at sunway then there's a guy call me to fill up so i did. Then ta daa, im in top 20. Since i am already top 20, why not just go for it, no?

Actually, i really never thought of telling anyone, but just the close ones. like my family, cousins and some of my close friends to at least come and support me abit. if not its so sad lah, no supporters. right? -__-

i never thought of blog about it also, since sam the cheerleader brought it up so i should let you guys know. hehhehe, sam see la *laughs

well this competition is gonna be held at sg wang at 3pm this sat.
Fyi: is a chinese-ish competition
so IF you're still interested you can come and support me (:

lastly, type MC Space F5 send to 36611, vote for me!
click here* fore more information, is all in chinese. anyho, just dont laugh at my pic :S
the guys are -__- *no offense sam.

natalie is going for the cash & prizes, dont judge me!
jeng jeng jeng