Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barclub.Chi Wynn's 18th.

blog post are in order, long long time ago till now :/

friday night, 5.9.08. Barclub.
nothing much really happened, enjoyed myself with the dj's

Edmund and I

The dj's

you know.
weirdo.big head. :S

wasted that night.

Chi Wynn's 18th.

Happy birthday once again Y

tons and tons of pics taken on that night!
like seriously whoi, damn hilarious laaa-h
okay lets continue.
hang on, big guy :(

mwa mwa*
celebrity yo ;)
the dearest cousin of mine.
chunny,edmund,moi,jeff,jin and jeff 2 :p
the hot photographer ;)
jamie darling
i love this pic ALOT. bf

nice to meet you jeff2 ;)

Wow. LOL
his birthday cake was damn cool
you're cool too lah, chiwynn (:

and there's alot more pics at Mcspicky blog
all the pics are just damn pretty loh. nights

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